Goodman and Wife started with a simple concept, the husband Tim Goodman with a lifetime of business experience from the United States and the wife Xiao a professional in finance and trading conceived "Goodman and Wife" in 2012. Goodman and Wife is the brainchild of both founders. Goodman and Wife offers items in Porcelain, Ceramic, Terra-cotta, Poly-resin, Wood, Glass, Iron and various other types of materials. Pieces that are handmade,hand-painted,hand-blown,hand-pressed ot hand-thrown that are of high quality to insure a continued uptrend. Goodman and Wife's future is based on its painstaking efforts moving forward. A level of quality control that is second to none. A offering of new designs, concepts and development. A desire to satisfy the customer first and foremost never putting the company's interests before theirs.